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In the  work the ordinary and the everyday is reified in a conscious repression and sublimation of the pathological. 7 Passers-by are collages of imagination, drawings, photographs and memory. Any method is used to carry the small history of art objectivities of observed experience back to the painting surface. Through a process of projection and emergence I try to draw out these objectivities. They become reconfigured, distorted, rescued from the false Interior design advice depths of dark inwardness, emerging from shapelessness. I aim for a fragile victory over darkness and emptiness. To hold at bay the nightmare figures of destruction, fear and doubt that crowd together at the peripheries of the hopeful moment.

Art, dance and history as MAC becomes Belfast's latest cultural centre
Belfast celebrated its second new cultural building in less than a month as the Metropolitan Arts Centre opened to the public on April 20, following hot on the heels of Titanic Belfast, which opened just three weeks ago.

The painting’s shape is like a full-length mirror and a coffin-like box. It is a shape that allows for self-effacement, projection, incarceration and entombment. A shape that suggests the passer-by is saint or prisoner. They become fragile heroes in the battle against forces beyond their control, internal and external, that threaten to overwhelm them.

There are many good reasons for university integration
Merger talks between Education Minister Leighton Andrews and three universities in South-East Wales are well underway.

Our myriad relationships to the everyday are revealed in this figure of the passer-by. Figures drawn persistently towards the parodic paradise of the shop and the ordinary canvas art heroism of the workplace by primal forces but also by globalised manipulations.

The installation of my work forms a kind of panorama from the pedestrians’ viewpoint. A panorama frustrated by the lack of an elevated viewpoint or a god’s-eye view but discovering a new found freedom by being immersed in the contingency and immediacy of street-level. The way the work is installed and shown plays a vital role in the ways it invites people to see the work and how it opens a network of open connections.

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There are weaknesses in the infrastructure and support, and parts of the sector are fragile with under-developed markets.

Kate Middleton needs 144 more to follow in
Kate Middleton's about to get her first royal portrait painted as the newest member of this regal family. The portrait's commissioned by the National Portrait Gallery, one of the charities that Kate hand-picked to become its patron.

There is potential for considerable growth – particularly in the areas of media, crafts, visual arts and design through links with local public and private sectors.

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The process of making work and then making it public finally becomes an act of both resistance and belonging.

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